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Hiding in the Bathroom

Apr 10, 2018

Gender, age, perception all color how introverts experience the world and how the world experiences us.

So I was excited to sit down with Jennifer Kahnweiler, "champion of introverts," and ask her expert advice on some of the most frequent questions I've gotten about introversion as host and author of Hiding in the Bathroom. What are the top myths about introverts? What's the best meeting style for an introvert? Dig in for some great and unexpected advice! This is an amazing precis for anyone, introvert or extrovert.

For example: introverts can be great public speakers!! We can sizzle. 

The final episode of my season on patriarchy brings things fill circle as we discuss introversion, patriarchy, and leadership. 

Coming soon: the next season of HITB. We'll It's going to be about women, digital transformation, and social change and feature the women who are changing our world.